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At BreadBread Bakery our priority is to make healthy bread and ethical choices. We have sourced a variety of flours, free from additives and improvers. We obtain organic flour from English mills and use stone-ground flour in all our recipes. We also work with a variety of authentic Italian and Sicilian ingredients and baking methods. The outlook for both our soil quality and our own physical health has been deteriorating ever since intensive farming was developed to increase yield over quality. Water-milled, stone-ground, organic flour represents a recreation of the agricultural landscape. Farmers, millers, bakers and customers are becoming increasingly committed to better ingredients as well as the Real Bread Campaign.


BreadBread founder, Bridget Hugo, has been working with slow 24 hour fermentation since she first started making sourdough pizza at Franco Manca, a business she co-founded in Brixton Market in 2008. It is wellknown now that this approach to dough-making is the key to bread’s improved digestibility and flavour. At BreadBread we use sustainable wood-burning ovens to make our signature hearth-baked loaves. Bakers are trained to use two large Panyol brick ovens, carefully fired then loaded and unloaded using long-armed beech peels. The oven temperature naturally falls during the bake which helps to lock in flavour and create our unmistakable caramelized crust. By reviving these age old techniques we ensure that you have the opportunity to taste the most authentic bread. This is BreadBread.

These wood oven baked breads are great for ripping, dipping, smearing and toasting. They’re structured enough for chefs to use as a platform for their own signature dishes.

BRIDGET SAYS: A couple of chunks of lightly toasted sourdough, placed under a bird to roast, makes a delicious gamey sourdough crackling.

Specialty Breads

Speciality loaves, with their variety of added ingredients, can be used to complement your menus. They add a new dimension to your recipes and look great on display.

BRIDGET SAYS: Sourdough bread is a starting point for inspiration, an ingredient in its own right.

Tin Baked Breads

Open or closed, there are countless sandwich options for tin baked breads. The diverse range of doughs we use in our tins makes it possible for you to explore fillings and styles from around the world.

BRIDGET SAYS: The Rye Tin loaf, sliced lengthways, is great for Skandi style open sandwiches.

Sourdough Rye

Get a good bread knife, and get seriously healthy! Our 100% rye products are wholesome and massively flavoursome. Complement the bread with either sweet or savoury flavours, and use as an ingredient for salads, stuffings and puddings.


BRIDGET SAYS: Our rye Vollkorn recipe is practically a
meal in itself.

Sourdough Sticks

Slice and portion our sticks and serve open-faced with pate and terrine; or use toasted as soup croutons with cheese.


BRIDGET SAYS: Fat sticks are the chef’s choice for starters,
bruschette and bites.

Buns and Rolls

Our buns and panini breads are great for events and deli chefs. We have created a range of textures and subtle flavours to complement your special fillings.

BRIDGET SAYS: In a world where your concept can go stale before your bread does, our buns and rolls will give you the edge. 

Focaccia e Ciabatta

Using a traditional 16-hour Sicilian recipe we have ensured that our breads have the best crumb structure, flavour and shelf-life.

BRIDGET SAYS: Split these in half, dress them up and toast them off for creating hot tray-pizza slices.




BreadBread can be found at the markets below:

BARNSBURY               Every Saturday 11am-3pm
St Andrews Barnsbury C of E Primary School,
Matilda Street,
London N1 0LB

BLACKHEATH               Every Sunday 10am-2pm
Blackheath Station car park,
London, SE3 9LA

DULWICH                      Every Saturday 10am-2pm
Dulwich Church of England Infant's School,
Turney Road junction with Dulwich Village,
SE21 7BN

EARLS COURT              Every Sunday 10am-2pm
St Cuthbert with St Matthias School,
Warwick Road
London, SW5 9UE

TWICKENHAM             Every Saturday 9am-1pm
Holly Road Car Park,
Middlesex TW1 4HF

                                                   Sat 13th August etc       
South Norwood

20 Station Rd,
South Norwood
SE25 5AJ




15-17 Calvert Avenue E2 7JP – 020 7729 9879

174 Bellenden Road SE15 4BW – 020 7642 2129

24 The Pavement Clapham Common SW4 0JA – 020 7622 1624

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156 Deptford High St SE8 3PQ – 020 8691 3377

5 Elystan St SW3 3NS – 020 7225 0733

316-318 Battersea Park Road SW11 3BX– 020 7223 3925

11a Market Row Brixton SW9 8LB – 020 7737 4410

Holly Road Car Park TW1 4HF - Open 9am - 1pm – Saturdays

Blackheath Station Car Park SE3 9LA - Open 10am - 2pm – Sundays

St Andrews Barnsbury C of E Primary School, Matilda Street, London N1 0LB - Open 11am - 3pm – Saturdays

Dulwich Church of England Infant's School,
Turney Road junction with Dulwich Village, London, SE21 7BN - Open 10am - 2pm – Saturdays

South Norwood, 20 Station Rd, South Norwood, SE25 5AJ - Open 10am - 3pm – Sat 9th July, Sat 13th August

Haynes Lane Market SE19 3AN (Saturday Market) – 07961 982 386


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